The PS5 is priced, the Oculus Quest 2 launched, and the GoPro Hero 9 reviewed


It is a remarkably good time to be into video games. It’s not just that we’ve got new console launches from Microsoft and Sony. It’s also that Nvidia is invigorating PC gaming with new possibilities as it brings 4K performance into a more achievable price range. And it’s that Oculus has released a new, less expensive VR headset.

On top of all that, we see game companies beginning to experiment with new pricing models and methods of distribution. Microsoft has bundled its hardware into a subsidy plan with its game streaming service. Apple seems to want to avoid doing that with its own bundle, but it is still making a go of Apple Arcade. Nvidia and Google are providing competition in cloud streaming for games. Sony is putting more top tier games (or at least games that were more recently top tier than usual) into its PlayStation Plus bundle.

Oh, and AAA console titles are probably going to start costing $70 now, there’s another experiment for ya.

All of which (even that last one) opens up more competition and more possibilities for video games. And as I’ve discussed before, this round of new consoles, new PC hardware, and new delivery mechanisms is just groundwork. We don’t yet fully know what these tech changes will ultimately mean for game design.

So yes, late 2020 is a very good time to be into video games. But if the technologies being released this year live up to their promise, it will just be a start.